The ASEE Computers in Education (CoED) Journal

The Computers in Education Division (CoED) is a division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The Computers in Education Journal serves engineering, mathematics, and science faculties who wish to improve the quality of instruction through the use of computers. The Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. All papers submitted are reviewed in detail by senior faculty volunteers before acceptance for publication.

The Journal contains papers that are relevant to analog, hybrid and digital computation in education. The educational value of papers published in the Journal take precedence over their originality or technical subtlety. Usefulness to educators and their students is the principal criterion for suitability. The inclusion of illustrations such as circuit diagrams and computer result curves is recommended. The Journal was a paper publication through Volume 8, Number 2 (April 2017), beginning with Volume 8, Number 3 (July 2017), the journal will be completely online.

In the past, Journal papers were derived totally from papers presented at the CoED sessions of the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. Conference papers now represent approximately one-fourth of the total papers published in the Journal. However, all papers presented in the CoED sessions of the ASEE Annual Conference may be modified and an extended version submitted to the Computers in Education Journal for peer review for potential acceptance and publication.

The journal is typically published quarterly with approximately 10 papers per issue.

The Journal assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions advanced by contributors. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent positions of CoED or the publisher.


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