Author Guidelines

The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for discussing novel approaches to engineering education involving computers.   The purpose of CoED and the Journal are identical with those of ASEE but with special emphasis on the following:

  • To provide a medium of exchange for innovative concepts and experience-proven applications of computers and other computational methods and devices in education.
  • To develop, test, and publish research processed curricula for computer instruction for student and teacher development at all educational levels.
  • To contribute to the general knowledge of the CoED membership with respect to computation.

To broaden, where beneficial, the use of computational technologies by educators, students, institutions, and technical professionals.

A good paper has the following elements:

  • Manuscript title, authors and affiliations, abstract (150 words) and three keywords.
  • The main body of the manuscript should be divided into appropriate sections including an introductory section, a brief overview of the supporting literature, a description of the innovation, example applications, an assessment section, conclusion and summary (with an overview of future work as appropriate).
  • Acknowledgements to external funding sources and helpful colleagues;
  • References with URLs where applicable;
  • Related to the use of computers.   Software, hardware, embedded computers, etc.
  • Educational or pedagogical content.  Papers that just describe a research or a design project, even if students are involved, are not appropriate.  The paper needs to explain how it was used in the classroom, what students are expected to learn, etc. Pure research papers are not acceptable.
  • Literature review.   While the level of scholarship is not the same as a research journal, there should be some context and relationship to what others have done in the area.  Authors should also make it clear or make a case for why their work is unique or novel.
  • Assessment.   The paper should show how the effort was received, or if it was effective.   Some examples are responses on course evaluation forms, survey, or pre and post- tests. It may not be necessary to include a double blind statistically controlled study but there must be some level of assessment
  • Practicality.   Again, we do not expect the level of scholarship seen in Journal of Engineering Education (e.g. double blind statistically controlled studies) but papers appropriate for Advances in Engineering Education with a computer application focus are applicable (  Think of CoEd as a cross between a journal and a magazine.   Results should be novel and well documented; but they should be immediately useful or interesting to practitioners of engineering education. Papers appropriate for the CoED Journal should focus on the scholarship of application, teaching, and learning. To that end, details about how the concept was used in the classroom, copies of assignments, lessons learned, student evaluations, etc are all welcome and important.
  • Clear and easy to read.
  • Free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Formatted correctly using the IEEE template for Transactions.

In order to aid the author in preparation, peruse a recent copy of the Journal for a better understanding of the interests of our readership. Once again, pure research or design papers (even ones co-authored by a student) or papers that present an engineering application divorced from classroom experiences are not appropriate.  

All authors will be asked to submit a separate text file with a list of 4 recommended reviewers for their article as part of the submission.

Manuscripts submitted must not be published as copyrighted material in any other publication.  Manuscripts under review by the CoED Journal should not be submitted for consideration by any other publication as copyrighted material. By submitting an article, the author(s) agree that the copyright will be transferred to ASEE if the article is published. The author retains the rights to the fair use of the published material.

Note that ASEE owns the copyright to all papers published at the ASEE conference as well as those published in the CoED Journal. Authors are free to republish both CoED articles and ASEE conference papers, deposit them in institutional archives, and post them on personal websites provided they note that ASEE holds the copyright. In addition, if an extended version of a paper presented at the ASEE Conference and Exposition is submitted for publication in the journal, you must cite the conference where it was published in the references of the paper.  Here’s a sample citation:

© 2017 American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 25 - 28, 2017, Columbus, Ohio.

Paper Format

All papers must follow the IEEE format and be no more than 12 pages in length. You are allowed one additional page for references.  Authors are requested to submit the paper in one column format for online reading and two column format for printing.  Please use the IEEE template at the following link and modify for one column or two column format:

The heading should have the following format:

Odd pages: 

    COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION JOURNAL, VOLUME #, ISSUE #, Month Year (left justified)

    Page Number (right justified)

Page 2:

     Page Number (left justified)

     COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION JOURNAL, VOLUME #, ISSUE #, Month Year (right justified)

Even Pages:

    AUTHOR(S): Title (left justified)

    Page Number (right justified)

Publication Deadlines

January – March Issue 1

Submission Deadline: December 31

Reviewer Deadline: January 31

Revised Paper Deadline: February 28

Publication Deadline: March 31

April -  June Issue 2

Submission Deadline: March 31

Reviewer Deadline: April 30

Revised Paper Deadline: May 31

Publication Deadline: June 30

July – September Issue 3

Submission Deadline: June 30

Reviewer Deadline: July 31

Revised Paper Deadline: August 31

Publication Deadline: September 30

October - December Issue 4

Submission Deadline: September 30

Reviewer Deadline: October 31

Revised Paper Deadline: November 30

Publication Deadline: December 31


Author Fees

In order to help cover the cost of publication, this journal charges the following author fee(s). You can pay them anytime after the submission via your account on the system using a credit card.

Article Publication: 120.00 (USD) If this paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay the article publication fee of $120 (USD) for a 12-page article formatted using the IEEE template for transactions format. You are allowed one additional page for references. There are no extra page charges because the paper is not allowed to be longer than 13 pages.

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