An Integrated Framework for Learning Fundamentals in Computer Networks

Qian Liu


Fundamentals in Computer Networks are essential to one’s deep understanding of network internals. In those networking fundamentals, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) related mechanisms and techniques are important elements not only because it is widely used in Internet, but also because its design principles have significant effect on the design of other network protocols. In general, network simulators and/or animations are used in Computer Networks courses to illustrate TCP along with other fundamentals, however, those approaches don’t provide ways for students to delve into TCP core techniques. In this paper, we introduce an integrated framework for students to explore, practice, and learn TCP fundamentals in detail. It can interact with students, direct them in each step during their learning process, and allow them to implement protocol functionalities or to adjust existing ones as needed. It creates a personalized learning environment in which students can learn networking fundamentals at their own pace.

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