Vol 10, No 3 (2019)


Table of Contents


An Integrated Framework for Learning Fundamentals in Computer Networks PDF
Qian Liu
Stimulating Higher Order Thinking in Mechatronics by Comparing PID and Fuzzy Control PDF PDF
Christopher Lowrance, John Rogers
Online Programs Increase the Availability of Education PDF
Michelle E Jarvie-Eggart, Thomas Freeman, Amber Kemppainen
Successful implementation of an online learning environment: Reducing the failure rate in a fluid mechanics course PDF
Juliana Lynn Fuqua, Faye Linda Wachs, Paul Morrow Nissenson, Yitong Zhao, Angela Shih, Sofia Pedroza, Sekani Robinson
Context-Aware Adaptive M-Learning: Implicit Indicators of Learning Performance, Perceived Usefulness, and Willingness to Use PDF
Ghada Refaat Mohamed El Said

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